Global Challenges

Anyplace. anytime. anyone.

Create a Challenge

Have you ever wanted to try and get someone to eat a pizza while standing upside down? Well now you can challenge the Callit community to do so! 

With Callit you can make any challenge and allow anyone in the world to participate. You can make it so users can send photo and video proof, set a time period to allow users to complete your challenge and specify a prize!


Comment, Share, Like

Comment, share and like on different challenges running throughout the Callit community. See what challenges are getting the most traction among the community and have your voice heard!

Find a challenge that you think would be perfect for a friend? Share with them via Facebook, Email or directly to their Callit profile!


Choose a Winner

Set a custom waiting period to allow the community to respond to your bet. Our app allows users to send video or photo evidence that they completed a task if required.

After the time allotted has past have the public vote for their favorite submission, or pick the best one yourself!


You’ve probably forgotten more bets than you’ve won. But that’s all over thanks to Callit. Track every challenge, bet and dare with 1v1 analytics, records and leaderboards.